Dr. Ethan Moulton

Idaho Fall's Premier Periodontist and Dental Implant Specialist

Dental Implant Treatment

Implants offer an excellent solution to one or more missing teeth. Implants look very natural, feel secure and, most important, prevent bone loss in the affected area.

Root Coverage Grafting

Dr. Moulton specializes in caring for patients who need root coverage grafts. In fact, it is one of his favorite types of treatment to offer to his patients. Depending upon the type and severity of your specific periodontal defect, there are several different types of root coverage treatments available.


The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is a less invasive approach to periodontal pocket reduction, yet proves to have the same outcome (or better in many cases) as traditional periodontal surgery.

OraVu DeVa Endoscope to see below the gum line non-surgically.

Growth Factors to promote bone and tissue regeneration.

Tekscan-Digital bite analysis

Biofilm Debridement - AirPolisher

Dr. Moulton and his team are dedicated to helping the patients of their referring dentists achieve improved oral health, cosmetic improvement through periodontal surgery, and restoration of smiles and confidence through dental implant care.


  • Everything about our first visit with Dr. Moulton and staff was great! The receptionist was very kind and attentive. The assistant that took us back was efficient and didn't rush anything. Dr. Moulton took time to discuss various options to our very difficult case. He took time to get to know our daughter who will be treated. He spoke very positively about the position we are in and we left feeling hopeful that the right treatment will be offered. We feel confident we are on the right path with Dr. Moulton and his team.

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    Kristi Nelson
  • Amazingly patient and thorough with my exam and procedure. I'm very thankful for them and their work.

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    Holly Lacey
  • Dr. Ethan Moulton and staff were a delight. All were knowledgeable, and took the time to find out what it was I was looking for concerning my oral health. Many might want to sell you on a service our procedure that is not what you need or even want. Not so here. In the end, it was determined that I did not need their services at this time.

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    Patrick Kimball
  • Great place, great staff, great treatment.

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    Sam Phethean
  • Dr. Moulton is the absolute best. I have been a patient since 2015 & I would not go anywhere else! Since childhood I have always had a real fear of dentists, but since going to Dr. Moulton my fears have been put to rest. He takes the time to explain everything so that you understand & is patient, as well as truly kind. Thank you Dr. Moulton!

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    Martha Reisenauer
  • Dr. Moulton and his team are amazing! Very caring and professional!

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    Margarita Gonzalez
  • Everything went right for less money.

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    Daryl Lopez
  • Nan is meticulous in caring for her patients teeth!

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    Timothy McJunkin
  • This entire practice is extremely efficient, yet personable. Highly recommended.

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    James Rodgers
  • This is a wonderful place they are so caring and helpful. They were very good to answer all or questions and concerned and even follow up on weekend to see how you are doing. Thank you Ridge Crest Staff and Dr. Moulton you are all the best!

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    Stacey Steele
  • Dr. Ethan Moulton is such a great guy and will do a fantastic job!

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    Eric D Velasquez
  • Dr Moulton is amazing at what he does but he's also just a great guy. He checked in on my recovery by text late that night and it was a lot of help, plus it was nice to know he cared. If I ever need implants or periodontics work, he's the doctor I'll go to.

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    Jade Koyle
  • We had a great experience, my wife had some work done and the staff was professional and courteous. Would recommend them to anyone that needs help or work done. Flawless experience.

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    joe anderson
  • I have had a wonderful experience w/ Dr. Ethan Moulton and his staff! I have Sjogren's syndrome( an auto-immune disease without a cure). My constant dry mouth and lack of saliva( which protects teeth), had caused me to have my own teeth to decay. So, eventually, Dr. Moulton came up with a dental plan specific to my needs.I needed bone grafting. My process took time, but I had the support of this empathetic Dentist. He really listens, and works with you in the process. Dr. Moulton is an extremely gentle, caring, and Professional Dentist. He makes sure that everything is done right! I am grateful for his help, and I now have great dental implants-which feel like natural teeth. It is amazing! The best part-I will never have a cavity again, Sincerely, Kathleen Clark ( dental patient)

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    Kathy Clark
  • Dr Moulton's office aesthetic is beautiful and very relaxing. He and his assistants were very professional and friendly. Dr. Moulton was soft spoken and kind and was very thorough in explaining everything to me. He seemed to listen well to what I had to say and answered all my questions. In my time meeting with him today, I got the feeling that I could trust him and his recommendations for my treatment.

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    Kelsey Skinner
  • I HIGHLY recommend Dr Moulton! He is the best! During my visits, he spent the whole time with me and explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. He took the time to make sure I understood what was going to happen. His staff are also very friendly and know what they are doing. Can't give them enough compliments!

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    Ashley Ball
  • Great, efficient staff and wonderful service! Highly recommended.

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    Julie Browning
  • After all is said and done, I would highly recommend Ridge Crest Dental. First, because I found the doctor and staff to be highly curtious to me and to each other. During my multi-hour procedure, I heard a satisfying yet unusual amount of polite expressions of gratitute between doctor and assistants. This contributed to my overall feeling of well being. Second, I elected to have my procedure without happy-gas and was quite aware of what was happening around me. My opinion ...as to the expertise of Dr Moulton is that he is quick, well experienced, and that he is actually talented in his craft. Surprisingly, my procedure was quite painless! (Including the shot to numb my mouth!) There was some follow up pain, but that was expected for the procedures. Dr. Moulton was also willing to answer all my questions before AND after, provide insights to possible solutions for my on-going treatment, and collaborated with others in my behalf. He is great. His staff is great. Billing had no surprises and the office was lovely and clean. I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend this office to others. Thank you for taking good care of me, Dr. Moulton and staff.

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    Amy Moser
  • Just the best! Dr. Moulton and his staff are awesome! They are friendly and always take time to explain things. Dr. Moulton respects our wishes for certain things and is gentle during the procedures. He has a great "bedside" manner. Love his surgical assistant, Holly too!

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    Sue Herringshaw
  • Ethan Moulton is one of the finest individuals you will meet. I haven't had to use him yet but I wouldn't hesitate to have him work on me. I have heard great things.

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    Ron Berry
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