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We stay current with new technology that assist in providing better and additional careof our patients. See some of the new technology we have incorporated into what we do. See our latest education.

Dr. Ben Sutter Training

On Sept. 9th, Dr. Ben Sutter provided our office excellent training in using the T-scan technology. Dr. Sutter travels the world sharing is vast knowledge of the T-scan with various dental offices. This technology allows precise measurement of a person’s bite, showing bite distribution throughout the mouth as well as how certain teeth absorb too little or too much of the bite. It also shows if teeth are hitting in places they shouldn’t. This allows for very accurate bite adjustments, which can ease any number of symptoms a person may have including chronic headaches, tension in the jaw and many other symptoms that you would never guess would be related to someone’s bite.

On October 3rd and 4th, we will receive training from Judy Carroll. Judy Carroll, RDH, is the Founder and Clinical Director of PerioPeak Innovations. She is a clinical pioneer, patient advocate, national lecturer, writer and clinical instructor. She will teaching us her protocol for Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy (RPE). It is an innovative non-surgical periodontal protocol developed by Judy utilizing the synergistic application of three advanced technologies: Periodontal Endoscopy (a tiny camera to remove all toxins without surgery), Host Modulation Therapy (promotes homeostasis and regeneration), and Regenerative Proteins (creates synergistic effect to promote regeneration). We are so excited to draw on her 22 years of experience in perfecting these techniques!
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