A Guide To Properly Maintaining Dental Implants

Missing teeth alter your smile while affecting how you eat and even speak. Taking a trip to a periodontist for a dental implant procedure in Idaho Falls helps improve your smile’s appearance. Still, that smile can be taken away quickly if you don’t maintain proper oral hygiene. Natural teeth require regular maintenance; cleaning all implant surfaces is essential.

While many people think dental implants don’t need much care as natural teeth because they do not decay, at Ridge Crest Periodontics, we believe lack of oral hygiene can lead to bone loss caused by infections around the implant. Potential dental implant loss cannot be ruled out and arises during recovery.

Dental implant aftercare involves taking antibiotics and taking good care of the surrounding gums susceptible to infections. Good aftercare helps prevent dental plaque accumulation and prolong your implants’ lifespan.

How to Properly Clean Dental Implants

How you care for your implants, either healed or new, matters greatly for their prolonged longevity. The instructions below outline cleaning your dental implants and teeth for overall hygiene.

Aftercare For New Dental Implants

After cosmetic dentistry, the implant’s area is usually sore and painful. However, this shouldn’t prevent brushing your teeth to maintain oral hygiene.

Use A Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

Soft-headed toothbrushes are easy and gentle on the still-healing gums and help prevent infections and inflammations. Using a toothbrush with firm bristles will cause unnecessary discomfort and further inflammation.

Use Oral Irrigators

Using a stream of high-pressure pulsating water to remove dental plaque and food debris stuck between your teeth and implants is quite relaxing and comfortable instead of brushing.

When in post-surgery, oral irrigators ensure minimal trauma to the gums and is a better alternative to traditional flossing, which may cause damage to the gums.

Rinse Mouth With Salt Water

Gargling brine is beneficial to overall oral hygiene. Using brine is vital after a dental implant procedure. Rinsing your mouth 2-3 times a day is recommended as it’s effective enough to cleanse our implant without being harsh on the wound.

How To Take Care Of Seasoned Dental Implants

Switching to Low-Abrasive Toothpaste

Rigorous brushing, using a hard-bristled toothbrush, and abrasive toothpaste can wear your enamel down. This also damages the crown of your dental implant. Switching over to less abrasive solutions prevents long-term damage to implants.

Staying clear of any toothpaste branded for “whitening” or “tartar-control” is wise if you want to protect your implants. Asking the local dentist for advice is also another option.

If you are considering a dental implant procedure in Idaho Falls, your best bet for restoration is Ridge Crest Periodontics. We are the premier periodontist and dental implant specialists serving the wider Idaho area.

Our dedicated and experienced team prides itself in helping patients achieve improved oral health while also offering cosmetic improvement through periodontal surgery like implant bridges to restore smiles. Please contact us, and make an appointment to achieve a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile.

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