Full-Arch Restoration

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At one time dentures known as “false teeth,” were the primary method dentists used to replace missing teeth. For centuries, patients were fitted with artificial teeth that might be made from various materials. Eventually, dentures improved and dentists were able to offer other options such as bridges and implants. Unlike removable dentures and bridges, implants have artificial tooth roots that provide a base for replacements. Implants look and feel like natural teeth, making them one of the most popular and effective options for replacing a few missing teeth. However, when patients have lost most of their teeth, full-arch restorations offer a better result. The procedure includes implants but is designed to provide patients with a complete set of teeth in one day.

What Full-Arch Restoration Means

A full-arch restoration is a permanent tooth replacement solution that uses dental implants overlayed with new teeth. An oral surgeon can often use as few as four implants to support the placement of new teeth.  

Full arch restorations are sometimes called “teeth in a day” because doctors can provide a set of new teeth in a single visit. Rather than waiting for individual implants to heal, a surgeon places all implants at one time and works with the patient’s dentist to attach a temporary denture. Permanent new teeth eventually take the place of the denture. 

Why Replacement Teeth Feel Natural

Dentists often suggest full-arch restoration for people who do not want traditional dentures but have failing teeth, chronic dental problems, or several missing teeth. Patients may feel that dentures are uncomfortable or could slip.

A full-arch restoration allows patients to eat what they want without worrying about harming their new teeth. Replacement teeth feel natural because doctors use titanium implants that fuse to living bone cells. Implants form a robust and durable anchor for replacement teeth, which means they do not slip.

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What Patients Can Expect

Although patients’ get new teeth in one visit, full-arch restoration consists of several steps that include:

A Consultation

A dental professional consults with each patient considering full-arch restoration. The doctor needs to get a medical history and determine whether the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. 

Dentists use 3D imaging to help evaluate several aspects of treatment and decide whether any reshaping is needed. Some patients require bone grafts to ensure their mouth can support implants. 

A Computer Simulation 

The dentist will use the 3D imaging of a patient’s mouth to create a computer simulation of treatment. It identifies precisely where the implants will be placed for optimal support. Doctors may also fabricate a surgical template that serves as a guide. 

Implant Surgery 

Placing the implants requires surgery, and the patient is anesthetized during the procedure. A surgeon generally places four implants in the jaw, but the number can vary. 

During surgery, a doctor might extract teeth or shape the bone to accommodate implants. They will then attach temporary teeth that stay in place until implants can fuse with the jawbone. 

The healing process takes about six to eight weeks, and the patient needs to avoid chewy or hard foods during that period. 

Permanent Teeth Replace Temporary Teeth

About three months after surgery, the doctor replaces temporary teeth with a permanent fixed denture. The recovery period after this procedure is typically quick, with minimal discomfort.  

Caring for Replacement Teeth

A full-arch restoration can last for life, and implants will never develop cavities, making them an excellent financial investment. However, patients do need to care for their new implants. 

Good oral hygiene is critical to keep the gums healthy. The restoration must be cleaned thoroughly every day to prevent gum infections that could affect the bone and gum tissues supporting the implants.  

Patients need to see their dentists twice a year as well. Dentists will evaluate their overall health and the condition of gums, bone, and implants.

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Benefits of Full-Arch Restoration

A full-arch restoration is a good option for patients with extensive tooth loss. It provides the advantages of dental implants with a short healing time and quick results. While traditional removable dentures are also an option, they can be uncomfortable. Most dentures also need to be replaced after a few years.

Patients who select full-arch restoration get benefits that include:

  • Teeth replacement in a day
  • Minimal post-surgery discomfort and healing time
  • Permanent, functional new teeth
  • No removable parts
  • The ability to replace a complete row of teeth
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • An improved smile and facial appearance
  • Elimination of dental shifting
  • A beautiful new smile immediately.

Dentists can now offer patients a range of teeth replacement options, and full-arch restoration has become one of the most popular. It is an excellent choice for patients with many missing teeth, since dentists can replace multiple teeth in a single day. The new teeth are strong and permanent. Ridge Crest Periodontics provide patients with beautiful new smiles and the ability to eat what they want.

To find out if full-arch restoration is the best option for you, contact Ridge Crest Periodontics to arrange a consultation. We will be delighted to provide an extensive dental examination and go through all of your options for dental implant restoration.

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